About Me

I attended Edinburgh College of Art many many moons ago and continued onto graphic design and multimedia before getting sidetracked into computer programming and IT in various forms. (How on earth did that happen ?!?).....

Something kept nagging within me to try art again and eventually after receiving a starter watercolour kit as a gift, I found myself delving into this joy-giving (for me at least!) painting passion all over again. And Im soooo glad Im here doing this :-)heather afrin

I grew up in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis - the most northern Western Isle of Scotland. The spectacular, in many ways 'Outer Hebrides'.

I now live in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland with my family. The majority of my paintings are of my beloved island as well as the stunning scenery and urbanscapes from across the Highlands.

Watercolour and ink plus oil and acrylics are my preferred mediums and are so very different from eachother in the painting process that they help prevent boredom, as I jump between them according to the subject matter. And the subject matter also jumps, in the main between seascapes and architecture, vernacular as well as landmarks. 

Initially my painting space was the living room couch after my chilldren had gone to bed, or the kitchen table in between meal times, but I now have a studio in the garden which means I have dedicated space and can work on larger oil and acrylic paintings without having to clear away all the art materials when the very regular 'muuuum... Im huuungry' alarm sounds.

I hope you like my art, some of which can be viewed in the OriginalsPrints and Bothies & Airidhs section of this site and in various galleries listed in Shops and Galleries.

To keep abreast of any updates and to see new work as soon as completed, 'like' my facebook page - scroll down for the link.

Happy browsing,